Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CBulletBullet class
CCameraTakes care of displaying the current part of the map
CEnemyEnemy class
CInfoBarTakes care of displaying score in the score bar
CLevelManagerManages levels. Used for switching between levels (maps)
CMapHolds tile information and performs collision detection with the tiles
CMusicPlays music
CObjectGeneric object base class (i.e. for powerups, enemies, etc.)
CObjectManagerManages objects
CPlayerPlayer class
CPowerUpThe generalized powerup class (for health, poison, etc.)
CRect2DTwo-dimensional rectangle class
CSoundSound functions and data keeper
CSoundManagerManages sounds
CSpriteHolds generic sprite information
CSpriteAnimHolds sprite animations
CSpriteManagerManages sprites
CSpriteTypeHolds basic sprite information
CVector2DTwo-dimensional vector class
CWeaponWeapon class
SDLEXT_CoordTwo-dimensional coordinate structure

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